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Veterinary Services Hockessin, DE

At Hockessin Animal Hospital, nothing is more important than your pet’s health. From exceptional wellness care to laser surgery, our educated team of passionate professionals will make sure your pet receives the best veterinary services possiblein Hockessin, DE. Explore our services we offer below to see how we can be helpful to your pet today.

Wellness Care

This program is the first line of defense towards ensuring a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Our biannual check-ups make sure your pet is always feeling his or her best. LEARN MORE

Sick Care

Nobody likes it when your family’s best friend isn’t feeling well. We offer top-of-the-line sick care to get your pet back on his or her paws as quickly as possible. LEARN MORE


Pets’ teeth need love too! That’s why we offer a complete dental program to assure your pet keep their pearly whites shining bright. LEARN MORE

Radiology & Ultrasound

We utilize the most effective technologies to show us what could be causing pain and discomfort to your pet. Our ultrasound and radiology processes help show us the root of the problem. LEARN MORE

Laser Surgery

As the first veterinary hospital in New Castle County to use laser surgery, we take pride in knowing we are on the cutting edge of animal health. Our laser largely replaces the scalpel in our facility. LEARN MORE


Whether you’re looking to improve your pets mobility or he or she is recovering from surgery, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation services to ensure your pet feels like him or herself again. LEARN MORE

Avian, Exotic, & Small Animals

We are here to consult with you and figure out what type of avian, exotic or small pet would be the best addition to your family. And we treat them, too! LEARN MORE

Ruminant Animals

We offer care to all kinds of animals, even your ruminant animals. Our ruminant specialist is on hand to take care of your specific needs. LEARN MORE

Hockessin Animal Hospital

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