Hospice & Pallative Care

At Hockessin Animal Hospital we believe in humane and comforting end-of-life options for terminally lll pets. Thanks to our sister hospital, Windcrest Animal Hospital, we do offer hospice and pallative care for pets. These services are offered exclusively at our Windcrest location.

When you and your veterinarian feel medical treatments will no longer help your pet, we offer the comfort and peace of mind of hospice care. This is the most humane and comforting end-of-life option for terminally ill pets.

Hospice care provides humane, dignified end-of-life veterinary care to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed until they pass away naturally or you decide to give them rest through euthanasia.

Throughout the process, our compassionate and dedicated staff of veterinarians, specialists, nurses, and support team is here to educate and guide you through your beloved pet’s care and end-of-life journey.

For more information about our hospice services for pets  or to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s pallative care, wellness, or sick care needs, contact us today.

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