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5 Pet Soft Tissue Operations

Numerous pets require a range of surgical procedures, from basic elective procedures like spaying or neutering to life-saving surgery. In general veterinary hospitals, soft tissue and some orthopedic surgeries are frequently performed. But some delicate soft-tissue operations call for specialized veterinary hospitals. Here are five soft-tissue procedures that are frequently carried out in regular veterinary practices.

#1: Surgery to remove foreign objects

Pets frequently consume substances that can obstruct their digestive tracts and result in the recovery of numerous foreign things. Items that are frequently taken from dogs and cats include:

corn stalks
clothes, particularly socks
Plastic and rubber toys
Thread Hair Bands

While cats frequently show interest in string-like things that might seriously hurt them by becoming twisted in their intestines and cutting through them, dogs are more selective about what they chew on.

#2: Surgery for mass removal

Numerous tumors that may be benign or malignant can grow in pets. These lumps and bumps can spread quickly, develop ulcers, or appear where it is difficult to move, breathe, or eat. Masses on the skin, inside the ears, mouth, or belly can be surgically removed.

#3: Neutering and spaying procedures

Spaying and neutering are the procedures that are most regularly carried out in normal veterinary clinics. These operations, which entail the removal of reproductive organs, are performed every day. These procedures are primarily performed on pets to prevent various behavioral and health issues.

#4: Surgery to remove bladder stones

Pets frequently develop bladder stones, which can be brought on by genetics, urinary tract conditions, poor food, and dehydration. Some forms of stones can be broken down by prescription diets, but other types need to be surgically removed and thoroughly flushed out of the bladder to prevent urinary obstruction.

#5: Surgery to treat brachycephalic obstructive pulmonary syndrome

As the popularity of breeds like pugs, English bulldogs, and French bulldogs rises, surgeries to treat brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) are occurring increasingly frequently. Due to their flat faces, some breeds may need procedures like laryngeal sac removal, soft palate shortening, or nostril opening to help their breathing.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any inquiries concerning the soft tissue surgery that your pet will shortly get.