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Welcome to Hockessin!

General Pet Boarding

We know leaving your pet in a strange place can be stressful. That’s why we provide a general pet boarding facility that’s more like a 4-star pet hotel.

General Pet Boarding

At Hockessin Animal Hospital, we provide a boarding facility that is a home away from home for your pet! We know leaving your pet in a strange place can be stressful, but your dog or cat will feel perfectly at home in our bright, airy environment. Our staff is full of compassionate experts who love to pamper pets and treat them like royalty. Your pet won’t want to leave!

We welcome you to tour our friendly facilities and see for yourself how well your pets will be treated while they stay with us.

First-Class Amenities Pets Enjoy During Their Stay Include:

  • Our state-of-the-art facility with custom-designed accommodations
  • Personal and loving attention by a highly attentive, trained staff
  • Spacious double-sided runs for your dogs—not pens
  • Heated floors to ensure warmth and comfort
  • Cat condos with outdoor views
  • Fresh air ventilation system that prevents the spread of respiratory viruses
  • On-site veterinary hospital to tend to any medical issues that may arise
  • Double-Fenced outdoor arena to allow dogs off-leash exercise time
  • Accommodations for our guests who have difficulty climbing stairs
  • Shared suites for families of cats (with adjoining room chutes)

Boarding Prices For Cats & Dogs

For Dogs

Regular run (7 feet x 3 feet)

  • $30 per night
  • Two 15-minute walks a day
  • Food, water, and bedding provided

Large suite (12 feet x 4 feet)

  • $48 per night
  • Two 15-minute walks a day
  • Food, water, and bedding provided

Family Suite (12 feet x 6 feet)

  • $48 per night
  • Two 15-minute walks a day
  • Food, water, and bedding provided

Day boarding is available for $22.25 per day.

Discounts apply for multiple dogs. Contact us for details.

For Cats

Cat Condos

  • $21.25 per night
Additional Cat In Same Condo

  • $11.45 per night

On The Menu

Our Doggie Menu includes:

  • Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Diet (dry or canned)

Our Kitty Menu includes:

  • Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (dry or canned)

Medical Requirements For Boarding

For your pet’s protection, we require that all boarders are up to date on vaccinations, including Bordetella (CIRD – Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease) and CIV (Canine Influenza Virus) for dogs. We check all pets upon arrival for fleas or any other concerns. Any animal with fleas will be treated at the owner’s expense. If your pet requires any other medical treatment and we cannot contact you, we will treat them at your expense.

Canine Medical Requirements:

  • Rabies
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • 1-year Canine Influenza Virus
  • 6-month fecal

Feline Medical Requirements:

  • Rabies
  • 6-month fecal

Additional Information:

  • Boarding medication is $1.50 per day
  • If your pet has been seen within a year, no doctor check for the Bordetella vaccination will be required, only a tech exam.
  • Rabies and DHPP, FVRCP, and CIV require a doctor check, as do any of the other injectable vaccines.
  • Pets that haven’t been seen within the past year require a doctor check.
  • No doctor check is needed for a fecal.

If you have any questions or want to schedule general pet boarding with us, please contact us today. We also offer specialized boarding for diabetic pets and others that need to be medically supervised during their visit.